• VPS and Servers are Coming Soon

    Date: 2010.07.18 | Category: Server, VPS | Tags: ,

    VPS and dedicated servers are coming soon. We will launch XEN and Hyper-V virtual private servers and dedicated servers as customers wish. If everything goes on well, we will release them before Spring next year.

    Update ( Mar 22, 2011 )

    We’ll start to offer dedicated servers from April, 2011.

    VPS project has been changed. Hyper-V support has been cancelled. We will use a XEN only or XEN-KVM mixed architecture. It will be launch in 3 months. We’re trying our best to get everything ready at the ending of April.

    Update (Aug 24, 2012)

    Our VPS products are available for pre-order. First deliver on 1st September. Use pre-order coupon “VPSPREORDER” to get a 30% off lifetime discount.