• Get Your CPU Usage Info in cPanel

    Date: 2010.09.28 | Category: Hosting, Technology | Tags:

    In the past time, many customers asked us " Where can I see my CPU Usage info ? ". The answer was always no. But from today, it changes to yes.

    We add a new cPanel plugin to show CPU usage information. You can see that on the left sidebar of your cPanel. The value is based on all CPUs. Multiply it by 4 or 8 ( depending on the number of the CPU cores of the server ) then you’ll get your real CPU usage.

    We plan to add an email notification function so that you can know when you should upgrade your host or check scripts. Auto-suspend function is also considered to be added to prevent most clients from being affected by a few high usage clients.

    *Note: The plugin is still beta.

    Update ( March 21, 2011 )

    The plugin is final released. The value you see is your real CPU usage now, you needn’t multiply it as above.