• Server Phoenix Connecting Issue

    Date: 2011.04.03 | Category: Hosting, Server | Tags:

    We found the server Phoenix ( UK data center ) cannot be connected currently. We’ve contacted the data center and waiting for their response.

    We are so sorry for any inconvenience. We’ll keep updating this post.

    [Update 4:58 4/3/2011] Server is back online. It is backup system caused this connecting issue. Our technical team are working on it.
    [Update 11:09 4/3/2011] Backup system caused server can not be connected again. Our technical team are working on it.
    [Update 15:33 4/3/2011] Server Phoenix has been back online. After contacting the datacenter, we got a respond said "We’ve replaced one of the servers raid disks as it had become degraded", but they do not know why this happened. Our technical team are working on it, trying to figure out the reason of the high I/O usage.

    [Update 16:03 4/4/2011] Backup software was broken by one disk failure of raid, we’ve switched back to using R1Soft CDP backup software on server Phoenix. As the issue make the server crash several times in the past 30 days, we have postponed 3 days for the influenced hosting accounts’ service time. We are going to deploy some new hardware monitor tools.