• Ajustments on Dedicated IPs

    Date: 2011.08.26 | Category: Hosting | Tags:

    Due to the lack of IPv4 addresses left on the internet, new IPs are extremely hard to come by and cost extra if you do find them. Therefore we have to make the following adjustments on dedicated IPs in shared web hosting packages.

    1. Shared Pro hosting package will no longer include a free dedicated IP (Purchased hosting services are not affected).
    2. We’ll increase all shared web hosting packages’ dedicated IPs to 3 USD / month (Purchased hosting services are not affected).
    3. If you order a SSL certificate values 120 USD per year or less, you can get 50% off on a dedicated IP.
    4. If you order a SSL certificate values higher than 120 USD per year, you can get a free dedicated IP.
    5. According to ARIN and RIPE rules, we now only accept dedicated IP applications for technical usages (such as installing SSL certificates).
    6. We will offer free IPv6 addresses immediately once cPanel fully support IPv6.

    Above adjustments will be effective immediately. We appreciate your understand.