• WordPress Vulnerability Warning

    Date: 2012.09.04 | Category: Hosting | Tags:

    Recently, we received reports that some sites have been hacked. All hacked sites are using WordPress blog software. If you are using WordPress, in order to reduce security risk, we strongly recommend that you review the following information, and take relevant measures.


    Characteristics of hacked sites:

    * Contain a HTML file named “BLACK.JaGuAr.html” (or similar file).

    * Unknown path appeared under WordPress directory, and there most be a phishing site file.


    If you are using WordPress, please take the following measures:

    * Check files under WordPress directory, clear all suspicious files such as BLACK.JaGuAr.html.

    * Use cPanel Virus Scanner to scan the virus may exist.

    * Upgrade WordPress software to the latest version; Upgrade application plugins to the latest version(Especially Akismet).


    If you have any doubt about this, pleas send a ticket to our technical department.