• New optimized routing for China Mainland & India

    Date: 2014.04.19 | Category: Hosting, Server, Technology, VPS | Tags:

    Recently, China Telecom and China Unicom users have been getting high latency and packet loss to our Los Angeles datacenter. We tried many routing policies, none of them did work as expect.

    Thus, as one of the biggest changes this year, we are going to add China Unicom direct connection now. China Unicom is a Chinese state-owned telecommunications operator in the People’s Republic of China. Compared to other mobile providers China Unicom is ranked as the world’s third-biggest mobile provider.

    It may take a few days to get the new connection setup. Once it’s done, our Los Angeles hosting will be the fastest US hosting to China Mainland again.

    We are also testing a new provider, Tata Communications, to optimized routing to India. Tata Communications is an Indian telecommunications company with global presence and based in Mumbai. It owns a submarine cable network and a Tier 1 IP network. We would appreciate any feedback.