• Six-year Anniversary – Big Domain Promotion

    Date: 2015.08.13 | Category: Domain Names, Promotions | Tags:

    Sugarhosts has successfully operated for six years. We appreciate all customers’ support in the past six years. The power that we can keep developing and providing the world-class products and services to every customer is absolutely derived from your trust and support.

    At the six-year anniversary, we will provide a big domain promotion for you. You will obtain an opportunity to register and transfer your domains at an amazing price ever.

    1. Domains & Promotion Price

    COM Domain:80% Off,Valid for 1 year domain registration or transfer
    NET Domain:80% Off ,Valid for 1 year domain registration or transfer
    XYZ Domain:88% Off,Valid for 1 year domain registration
    CLICK Domain:80% Off
    ,Valid for 1 year domain registration

    2. How To Get Discount

    At Promotion-Day, domain registration/domain transfer coupon will be displayed on the domain registration page.You can use the promotion code when placing domain orders.Each promotion code can be used for limited times, that means the only first N orders will be applied with special prices. Each promotion code can be used once per account.

    3. Timetable
    Starting from August 14th , every Tuesday and Friday in next two weeks are Promotion-Days. Promotion code will be displayed on domain registration page at 08:00 BST and 13:00 BST.


    *Blue For Promotion-Day


    * If you have any question, please contact our sales department.