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  • New optimized routing for China Mainland & India

    Date: 2014.04.19 | Category: Hosting, Server, Technology, VPS | Response: 0

    Recently, China Telecom and China Unicom users have been getting high latency and packet loss to our Los Angeles datacenter. We tried many routing policies, none of them did work as expect.

    Thus, as one of the biggest changes this year, we are going to add China Unicom direct connection now. China Unicom is a Chinese state-owned telecommunications operator in the People’s Republic of China. Compared to other mobile providers China Unicom is ranked as the world’s third-biggest mobile provider.

    It may take a few days to get the new connection setup. Once it’s done, our Los Angeles hosting will be the fastest US hosting to China Mainland again.

    We are also testing a new provider, Tata Communications, to optimized routing to India. Tata Communications is an Indian telecommunications company with global presence and based in Mumbai. It owns a submarine cable network and a Tier 1 IP network. We would appreciate any feedback.

  • IPv6 Ready!

    Date: 2014.01.07 | Category: Technology | Response: 0

    Sugarhosts now fully supports IPv6 on all products including shared web hosting, semi-dedicated hosting, VPS and dedicated servers.

    IPv6 is the next generation Internet Protocol replacing the current IPv4. It offers a few advantages, not the least of which is the enormous pool of addresses available (in comparison to the legacy IPv4 network). Because of this large available address pool, Sugarhosts will initially be offering unique IPv6 IPs for free.

    How to get IPv6 address

    Shared Web Hosting: Submit a ticket to technical department for request.
    Semi-Dedicated Hosting: Submit a ticket to technical department for request.
    VPS: Each newly created VPS will have 8 IPv6 addresses assigned by default. Existing VPS clients can request via ticket.
    Dedicated Servers: Note when ordering or submit a ticket to technical department after ordering.

  • Optimize MySQL Database Performance Using Indexes

    Date: 2011.03.17 | Category: Technology | Response: 0

    Recently we found a client’s script causing high MySQL CPU usage. MySQL was using almost 200% CPU when his script run.

    There were few concurrent queries. We noticed his table has more than 2 million records and all queries included regular expressions. By checking the structure of the table, we found no indexes were used on columns that are frequently used in where clauses. So we created an index on the most frequently used column to see if that help. MySQL’s CPU usage fell to 10% immediately.

    Similar issues may exist on your sites too. If you find that your SQL query is slow or the site bites too many system resources, you may need to check the indexes of your database.

    Indexes are best used on columns that are frequently used in where clauses, and in any kind of sorting, such as "order by". It can significantly improve sql query performance.

  • Get Your CPU Usage Info in cPanel

    Date: 2010.09.28 | Category: Hosting, Technology | Response: 1

    In the past time, many customers asked us " Where can I see my CPU Usage info ? ". The answer was always no. But from today, it changes to yes.

    We add a new cPanel plugin to show CPU usage information. You can see that on the left sidebar of your cPanel. The value is based on all CPUs. Multiply it by 4 or 8 ( depending on the number of the CPU cores of the server ) then you’ll get your real CPU usage.

    We plan to add an email notification function so that you can know when you should upgrade your host or check scripts. Auto-suspend function is also considered to be added to prevent most clients from being affected by a few high usage clients.

    *Note: The plugin is still beta.

    Update ( March 21, 2011 )

    The plugin is final released. The value you see is your real CPU usage now, you needn’t multiply it as above.

  • All Servers Come with Ksplice Now

    Date: 2010.09.28 | Category: Hosting, Technology | Response: 0

    To avoid downtime caused by Kernel updates, Sugarhosts now use Ksplice on all servers.  We strive to achieve 100% uptime in future.